Thursday, August 1, 2013

Blessings are like stars- there are too many to count!

Sometimes your heart just aches.
Aches so much that all you seem to be capable of is crying.
Aches because of stuggles you're going through.
Or because of heartache others are experiencing.
Sometimes it just aches and you don't even know why.
But sometimes, more often than not, when we allow ourselves to see all of the good and happy things that still occur everyday in our lives, living becomes a whole lot more beautiful.

I was feeling pretty low today, until I came across Hunter Kofford's blog.
It just made me realize that there are some very strong people out there that have gone through way more than I'll ever have to. The story of Cooper Kofford definitely touched my heart. What a beautiful family.
I'm also learning how to care more about others when I'm in the midst of my own seemingly-unbearble struggles.
Because I know that it is a selfless, Christ-like thing to be able to be completely lost in your own hardships and tears but still be able to put it all aside in order to find those that are in need of help and love.
Like I said, I'm still learning.

Lately, I've also come across a lot of things about being thankful. Literally, everywhere I turn it's like I'm being reminded to be grateful in all things.
Thank ya Lord. He knows me so well and knows exactly what I need to do to be better.
I think that by remembering to count our blessings is Heavenly Father's way of helping us to remember that He really does love us and really is mindful of us.

So things I'm thankful for:
the Gospel (everything petaining to it- scriptures, the Prophet, my Savior, Church, institute, prayers, etc.)
kind people
missionary work and missionaries
a safe place to live
green Utah grass and the sky
food that never seems to run out
memories made and memories in the making
all my senses
good friends

Speaking of good friends and memories-- what does a night of stargazing with a bunch of great people look like?

long walks back and forth, avoiding the long-boarders, counting the satellites and shooting stars, playing truth or dare (dare or dare), spouting off goofy pick-up lines, singing hymns in the dark, snapping pictures every 2 minutes, mainly just flashing the camera to see the path, arguing about which constellations are in the sky and which ones aren't, etc.

Happy Thursday,