Thursday, May 1, 2014

Goodbye London...Hello Toronto!

First of all...a special shoutout and big thank you to the Stamps family and Sister Stamps' seminary class! Oh my goodness, the package and notes were so sweet! I loved the drawings and the cards and the sweet words written. Thank you so so much! I love y'all!

So Toronto is the biggest city I have ever been in in my entire life! Holy cow, I feel like I am in a movie, or the great and spacious building. Speaking of cows, the first few days in the city all I could think of was "where are all the cows?!" Just a small town girl living in a lonely world or gospel-less people! There is so much diversity and so many eccentric children of God here that need the gospel, it's just wonderful! Subways and buses are a little scary, but oh so prime for talking to people and finding the elect: those that are prepared to hear the message of the restored gospel.

My companion is Sister Waldron and she is such an angel. I feel like we have been companions for weeks now, but we have only known each other for 6 days! Crazy. I learn so much from her every single day about how to be more kind-hearted and sincere and all of those Christ-like characteristics I need to work on.

We are both so excited to be serving in Toronto YSA! This area just opened about 7 weeks ago and its the most coveted area in the mission, so we consider ourselves pretty blessed. This area has so much potential and there is so much work to do here in Toronto! So exciting.

In this area, we also have the opportunity to teach ESL! Teaching English is so exciting! I love helping people from so many different countries learn how to speak English while tying in the gospel at the same time-- so tricky, eh? 

This week we had Zone Training/Skills and Interviews so that was amazing. We talked a lot about what holds us back from contacting and how to more effectively contact and it was so great, especially because that has been my biggest struggle out here. I would normally feel more comfortable with just leaving people alone and letting them go on their way and not bothering them, but the most important duty EVER is to proclaim the message of the gospel! I am constantly reminding myself that everyone needs the gospel and every person I see could be prepared but I will never know it if I don't open my mouth! I also am trying to remind myself that it doesn't matter what strangers think of me because one, they'll never see me again anyway and two, they need the gospel whether they want it or not. So yes, they are going to hear about it. Moral: EVERYONE SHARE THE GOSPEL. Whether that be posting links on social networks or bearing testimony to strangers, share it. We have a special message that everyone needs. This life is the time for men to prepare to meet God. 

At Skills and Interviews we also got to visit with President and Sister Scott. I love them! I'm so grateful for all the love they have for us.

We have 3 investigators preparing for baptism! Citlalli is from Mexico, Ahmed is from Saudi Arabia, and Oliver is from Toronto! They are moving in the right direction and will be so blessed.

I started rereading the Book of Mormon with a question in mind. My first question for my new way of reading the Book of Mormon, thanks to Elder Bednar, is "How can I be a more consecrated missionary?" It is amazing how the Book of Mormon has always and will always be the exact same words, but has the power to change our whole perspective and teach us something new when we approach it with an open heart and open mind, being ready and willing to be taught by the spirit according to what we need to learn and understand.

The Church is true and the book is blue! It's that simple.
“After all that has been said, the greatest and most important duty is to preach the Gospel."  -Joseph smith

Remember-- share the gospel! Love y'all!