Monday, April 14, 2014


So this week was a blur!
Since being out in the field, I've really been struggling with needing to love contacting. So one morning, I just prayed with all my heart that I would develop a love for talking to strangers on the street. That day, I all of a sudden loved it? The weather was beautiful, the people were still as interesting as ever, but because Heavenly Father answers prayers, He blessed me to see the beauty in talking to strangers about the blessing of the restored gospel on the earth. 

Cake pops from companion's Easter package!
So we usually contact at Western University, since there are so many potential YSAers, and before we left campus, we were walking in the basement of a random building and we just happened to run into a guy that we had taught but haven't seen in a while. Moral: coincidences are not real and God does put people in our paths for a reason.

This past week we had 3 children of God preparing for baptism! It was wonderful. They have all come to church and were reading and praying and progressing along the path that leads back to our Heavenly Father. One of them just mission dumped us so Sister Balderson and I were pretty heartbroken, BUT we have to focus on preparing the elect!

Just before we head out!
This week we also got to help serve at a wedding at the stake center! So that was fun helping serve(/eat) food and watch people be in love and what not! Shoutout to my Kell Belle for being my one and only when it comes to having the same taste when it comes to weddings...and literally everything else.

This Sunday was exhausting. We got a lot of less-actives and our two investigators at church, so that was a blessing and a half, but I will say this: the most frustrating part of a mission is people's agency. You can share and teach and testify and invite until you are blue in the face, but it always comes down to those you are helping and whether or not they want to act and receive God's blessings for themselves. It really is a learning process to be humble enough to work with so many different types of people. I have really come to understand that true, pure charity isn't simply loving people, but it is loving people that are hard to love without restraint--seeing them through God's eyes and loving them regardless of the choices they make and the people they currently are. Life is all about progressing and continually moving forward on the path that leads back to our Heavenly Father.

Everyone go read "Our Search for Happiness"! Like Elder Ballard said, either Joseph Smith saw what he saw or he didn't. Either God has a plan of eternal happiness or He doesn't. Either the Book of Mormon is the word of God or it isn't. But I know more than I ever have before that our Heavenly Father is guiding and hastening His work on the earth right now. He loves us and that is why He has designed a perfect plan for us. We are so blessed to have the gospel in our lives!

I love y'all so much! Serve a stranger this week!