Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A little update!

Not much of a weekly today!

I'm getting transferred to Barrie! Exciting!

This week I was able to watch my recent convert Robert, from Toronto YSA, go to the Temple and do baptisms! How special. So wonderful!

And we saw met lots of people walking around outside the church and Temple this week! So prepared!

And we taught a very prepared man who was contacted by elders on the bus and met missionaries a long time ago who never got back to him! But he's prepared and excited about moving forward in the gospel! Exciting!

And we had a special Stake Relief Society activity this weekend! So great!

I love the weather, the Toronto temple, the people here, my mission, the gospel, and my Saviour!

Quote of the week:

"You're cute. And Jesus knows you're cute."
gotta love them old folk!

I'll share more about this past week next week! Love ya all!

selfies in the car. the usual.

and enjoying district meeting!

 just visiting an elderly man in our ward! so sweet. The veil is thin for him and he has dementia, but he kept saying that he and his wife "went on 7 proselyting missions!" haha and then he said,

"You're cute. And Jesus knows you're cute."

hahahaha. I love 'em.

The beautiful Toronto temple!
tracting in the beautiful weather!!

the most beautiful temple!

Stake Relief Society service project-- making beds out of milk bags to send to Haiti!

Cemetery Cleanup!