Sunday, July 28, 2013

As They May Become

You know those days where things that you have heard before finally strike a cord and help you see how much-needed-to-be-learned lessons can be applicable to your life? Or those days where you hear things that actually make you listen?

Yep, it's one of those days.

But the Sabbath usually has that effect on a happy-hungry soul.
Not to say I'm not happy, because I am; I'm very happy.
But sometimes you have those days that help you see that extra bit of room you have within yourself to make necessary improvements.

Today at Church we were taught a lesson that was based on a talk given by our Prophet, Thomas S. Monson, called As They May Become. We learned about the significance of seeing people, not as they are, but as they may become. This is an excerpt from the talk:

During the 1940s and 1950s, an American prison warden, Clinton Duffy, was well known for his efforts to rehabilitate the men in his prison. Said one critic, “You should know that leopards don’t change their spots!”
Replied Warden Duffy, “You should know I don’t work with leopards. I work with men, and men change every day.”
A couple of semesters ago I did a project for a class (Living Prophets, Barbara Morgan-- best class I've ever taken in my life) in which I had to pick a Christ-like principle that I wanted to work on, and then apply that principle to my life (by the way, I chose charity). At the end of the semester I had to put together some sort of project that showed how I applied charity to my life and how I had made progress, personally. Toward the end of the semester, I read this talk, As They May Become, and it truly changed the way I viewed people. 
I just want to bear my testimony that I know with all my heart that when we see people through the eyes of Christ and see them for who they are meant to be, according to their fullest divine potential, not necessarily as they are, but rather as they may become, THAT is when we have taken a step closer to our Heavenly Father, because we are learning to be patient and to love despite what we see and think we understand.
We also talked about struggles at Church today.
We talk about a lot of pretty cool things in Church. #goMorms (yeah, I just did that #oops)
Anyway, the low down on struggles: they're good for us.

It's easy to say that when talking about them, but it is most important to remember it when in the middles of stuggles and trials. We have to look at them as opportunities of growth and understand that all the challenges we go through are tailored to our individual needs in order to help us become our best selves and to become like our Savior, Jesus Christ.

But the apartment across from mine is definitely setting off fireworks. Inside. It's pretty entertaining. And distracting. And possibly dangerous, but you know-- #YOLO.

So, today we had an overcast sky. Pair that with a couple of loverbirds and you got yourself some cute pictures.

Tanner and Kelly. Telly. Cuties.
Kelly is my roommate/best friend/sister/laughing buddy/shoulder to cry on/godmother to my future children/etc. You get it. She hates me putting pictures of her up, most likely because people can't handle her darlingness, but ya know, we all do what we can for society.
Tanner is our friend that just happens to be a little more than friends with Kell. They're cute, it's fine.
Yeah, and that KT was already carved into the tree. Food for thought.

Hope y'all had a Happy Sunday!