Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day by day..

Hey hey!

Monday-- us and some ward members did lawn service for an older couple in the ward. Her husband just got out of the hospital so that was nice for them to come home to a clean home.

Tuesday-- unplanned, we went by a less-active's home and caught her in the middle of her scripture studies! Yes! We also went on splits with some members and visited some less-active families and reminded them of the importance of going to church, praying, and reading the scriptures. Those are the basics and play SUCH a crucial role in us holding to the rod!
the zone leaders always want to hike on preparation day (eye roll)

Wednesday-- we visited a less-active young woman who has a lot of questions and is ready to meet with the missionaries (that's us!) and she even came to church on Sunday and loved it :) That night we went to a dinner that the young men prepared for all the missionaries and we talked about missions and what to expect, why to go, fears, etc. It was great! 

typical Courtney
Thursday-- We had sports night at the church and SO MANY PEOPLE CAME! It was a hit! Lots of investigators and members, it was fun! We also tracted this apartment building since our appointment fell through and we found a young boy interested in knowing if God is there, a lesbian couple who want to know more about if God has a plan, and a cool guy who has been sober for almost a year and has been prepared for the message of the restored gospel! Exciting!!

Friday-- we visited a new crazy family in the ward from Welland! They have 3 little boys, the youngest is so cute and flirty you wouldn't believe hahah. We also were working in an area and ran into a less-active family and had the opportunity to help them out around the house. Hearts are being softened and prepared!

Saturday-- we went back to teach our sober friend and his girlfriend was notttt happy we were there, but our bold member who was with us goes, "What are you afraid of??" And she paused and said nothing. She still wasn't happy, but hopefully we'll be able to see our investigator again! We also visited with this cute less-active YSA girl who is coming back with her family (the ones we saw Tuesday night on splits!)- we had a good conversation over frozen yogurt :) We also met these sweaty, high men outside on there porch telling us they were famous and making a movie so we spoke Jamaican to them and they loved it and we became good friends-- that was pretty cool!
Japanese cookies, yummy!
Sunday-- We had church and went to young women's (love them). And after we took one of the YW thinking about a mission teaching with us and we ended up going tracting and we found this cute single mom who loves her newborn baby girl so much and has been searching for God more recently. Pretty cool, eh? So we're excited to go back and visit her this week!

Things are great! I love it here! 

Have a great week and be happy!