Sunday, July 12, 2015

Time just flies by too fast!

This week was great! Time just flies by too fast, though!

This week we saw Rick again... too bad he is moving?! Hopefully the missionaries in his area will be able to find him and teach him. He knows what he needs to do.

We also met with a recent convert, Emily! We talked about the Temple and different things we think of when we think of the Temple. We also talked about Patriarchal blessings and what wonderful guides they are for us!

We also started teaching this Filipino woman who is the aunt of a less-active member. She is actually really prepared! She asked a lot of good questions about the Restoration and compared prophets to "bridges". How cool? They totally bridge the gap of modern revelation between God and His children. Nice!

We also had a big meeting this past week and talked a lot about the importance of the sacrament. Something I loved that was said by one of the Apostles is,

"Now is the time to give the sacrament back to the Saviour."

I love that! The sacrament is sooo important. It really is the only ordinance we perform for ourselves, over and over again. How beautiful is that?
We also celebrated Canada day on Wednesday and also.... I N D E P E N D E N C E day by having burgers with a member! They remembered and celebrated just for us! How kind!

We taught some cool guys who like to go by BUGS and SMURF. Yeah! We taught them about the Restoration. It was actually kinda hard for them to accept and understand. It just made me so grateful for the organization of the kingdom and the beautiful simplicity and clarity the gospel brings.
I'm so grateful for President Packer and all he was and did during his mortal ministry! Prayers for his family.

The coolest thing almost happened yesterday! So there is an older couple in the ward and their family is visiting for the summer. Their daughter sat by me in RS and I saw that, on the roll, she wrote "Leishman"; I asked her if her husband served in Texas around 2005, because an Elder Leishman taught me and I was baptized in 2005. She said her husband didn't, but his brother did! So they were contacting his brother, but turns out his brother said that there was another elder Leishman that served at the same time as he did. Crazy, I was so close!!

Anyway, I love the gospel. It truly brings such peace and happiness and purpose to our lives. I know the Atonement is real. Jesus Christ loves us so much.

Do something nice for a stranger today! Share the love of Jesus Christ with everyone you come in contact with!