Wednesday, August 6, 2014

my sustenance

So it's August already. Where did July go?

Time is flying! I've already hit 5 months, but I remember the MTC like it was yesterday.

It seems like the more and more you begin to love something, the quicker it seems to pass by.


Maybe I sound reflective because by the end of this transfer I will have killed two AMAZING sisters. whom tend to be reflective at the end of 18 months of consecrated service to the Savior. What great examples and companions I've had! My heart is so grateful!!

Yesol and Robert are getting ready for BAPTISM!! Whoo hoo! 

So this week, the power of fasting was manifest!

Robert came to church
he felt and recognized the spirit there versus times and places in his life when it isn't
he stayed until the baptism that evening! EIGHT HOURS AT CHURCH
he decided to fast the following day about Joseph Smith and President Monson
Yesol loved the testimonies insacrament
she feels so happy at church and with the people there

so, yes, the church is true.

This week we also had exchanges! I went to Missisauga! It looks just like Texas!

I have never taught people who were not YSA, so it was exciting! We taught an old Polish man who has become bitter because of the tribulation in his life. He searches for truth but refuses to receive the spirit. ------> 2 Nephi 33:1-2

We also knocked on a door to a single mom of 4. We asked her who Jesus Christ is to her. She laughed a little and then said, "My sustenance." holy cow, when she said that, I got chillllls. Jesus Christ IS our sustenance!

There are so many great things that happen here and I wish I could talk about them all, but words never do spiritual experiences justice. 

But I will say that there is no place I'd rather be. Right here and right now, is my happy place, it's my stretching zone, it's my one on one time with my Savior, its where I'm supposed to be, but it's also where I want to be. 

"...I glory in truth; I glory in my Jesus." (2 Nephi 33:6)

Thank you for all the prayers! I love y'all so much.

Sister Court