Friday, August 1, 2014

get in and stay in

I'm going to be super cliche and typical for a moment, but....

I love being a missionary.

Sometimes my heart swells with this feeling that is bigger than me. I love knowing that because of the Atonement, people can change; that because of the Plan of Salvation, I see people differently that I have before and that we all CAN return to that Father in Heaven that loves us and is so personally aware of us; and that because of the restored Gospel, the priesthood has been restored! Truth is on earth once more! 

(kudos to those who never skipped Primary and knows what I'm talking about)
I also realized something this week:

"I don't claim that this church is true because I'm apart of it, I'm apart of it because I know that it is true."

So yes, the church is true. I'm so grateful!

The other night, we were thinking about who we could go visit and we felt like we should go see this member. When we got to her place, she answered the door crying. Long story short, we are now teaching her non-member boyfriend and helping him to prepare for baptism. 

We had a lesson with Madison this week. She cried. But for good reasons! She wants to know that the Book of Mormon is true, but she just doesn't know it yet. She definitely has more faith than she knows. Prayers for her!! 

We also met with Robert this week. Interesting enough, the people he referred us to in our previous visit with him, happened to "randomly" show up at the same place and time that we were meeting with Robert. It definitely shocked him! Enough to even strengthen his belief in a God!

Interesting, eh?

We also met with another girl who was a former to many other missionaries in the past. It makes me sad at how much moral decay is in the world today. Sexual immorality, drugs, smoking, abuse, loss of standards, disbelief, ignorance, pride, pornography, homosexuality, unhappiness, etc-- its all Satan. He is devious and cunning and he hates us. He wants us to be miserable. When we are in the Lord's territory, we are safe. But when we take a step into the adversary's, he has got hold on us and that's when we begin to slip away into unhappiness.

GET IN the Lord's territory and STAY IN it.

I love being a missionary and I love the gospel and I love my savior.

Sister Court

July is over but the harvest is not!