Friday, January 2, 2015

hello 2015


Holy cow, where did 2014 go? Time sure flies when you're having MISSIONARY FUN!!!
(I feel so obligated to make this the best email ever since it's the last one of the year! But, we'll see)
Monday we had FHE with the wonderful Pulsihphers! We watched a cheesy video called "The Other Wise Man" and the moral was about how we have these gifts and talents and abilities to share with others and as we share them along our journey of life, we come to see how sharing our gifts helps us to draw nearer to our Saviour. So, SHARE YOUR GIFTS with others!
Tuesday we met with sweet Mackenzie! We taught her the Restoration and believed it all! During the lesson she told us, "Everyone at school always says that God doesn't love us because of all the bad things that happen, but I don't believe that. I think He does love us or He wouldn't have sent us here." How sweet is she?
We also went and sang to an elderly man in the ward. He then told us to stop or else he'd start crying. How cute? We love singing to people! Softens hearts like no other.
That night we went and visited a single, less-active mom and her two boys. 10 year olds are crazy, I tell ya!! We tried relating to them and helping them understand the importance of church and seeing how FUN it can be!! Yeah! haha...
After they ran upstairs we were able to talk to Jen (their mom) about how things are going. As we consoled her and rubbed her back and praised her, it was interesting to think about how much the Saviour loves us and of how much worth we are to Him. As she prayed through her tears, she gave such a sincere prayer and it was just such a tender reminder of how much the Lord loves us.
That night, we visited a family who is potentially investigating. They lost their mom this past September, so it's been a rough few months. We stopped by right as they were leaving and we were able to talk to them and sing to them and testify of Heavenly Father's love for them. I choked back tears as I saw the pain in this young father's eyes--knowing that he is trying his best to just get through, and as I prayed for this family.

As a missionary, I love standing in place of the Saviour and being His representative and His hands. It's such a blessing to feel God's love work through us for others.
Christmas eve, we visited members and delivered Christmas cards and had two dinner appointments in one night! Talk about turkeyed out! I love these wonderful families that take such good care of us! We also found a family that welcomed us right in and allowed us to share our message of the Restoration with them! They are wonderful! It was a Christmas miracles!
CHRISTMAS DAY WAS THE BEST! We had so many food appointments and we skyped with our beloved (love y'all!) and just went around singing for members! (Can you tell we missionaries like to sing?) CHRIST truly is the center of this season. HE is the reason for peace and joy.
The other day we met with Mike. He really hit rock bottom. He truly expressed godly sorrow and wants to change. But he, along with a couple other investigators, came to church yesterday! YAY FOR THE SPIRIT!
All the talks were SO beautiful-- Bishop Julian's was wonderful. He addressed every single person in His talk (the single mother, the deacon, the elderly, etc) and testified of the Saviour's love for them. It was inspiring and uplifting, especially with the upcoming new year!

With this upcoming new year, it's the perfect time to leave behind the bad, hold to the good, to seek out the better, and to work toward the best. Let's make this year wonderful! Set goals, make plans, and labour with love! The Saviour loves you.

I am so grateful to be on the Lord's errand. I love y'all!