Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Remember when April was almost over?

Hello! Remember when April was almost over? Yikes.

Monday we had Family Home Evening with the Schnieder family and their cute little girls-- we talked about how God is our loving, Heavenly Father--it's true! He loves us.

I went to Barrie on exchanges! I went with a sister and we talked about wonderful things that opened my eyes to the importance of 
sharing experiences to strengthen others
having complete trust in the Lord and the happiness THAT brings
doing the right things for the right reasons
not being afraid to dream big and becoming the best we can

I also got to be companions with my best friend for a day, aka Sister Coleman. No big deal. The most blessed day.

We've also been visiting a less-active, Ruth. She is special. She has such a strong testimony! She just needs to come to church and partake of the sacrament so that she can be cleansed and start each week fresh! She will come back after she gets out of the hospital. And her husband, Matt, whom we are teaching, has been praying for her to get better, which means he has been praying, and that's good!

While at the hospital, there was this little old woman. We got to sing to her and a little while after, she said, "Who are those two boys by the door?" There was no one by the door...she must've seen angels. :) I know they're real.

We met with Muriel! She was this woman we found while tracting around her house. When we knocked on her door, she answered and said she had been watching us and told herself that if we came to her door, then we must have a message to deliver to her from God... and boy, do we!! We taught her about the restoration of the gospel and she understands it all and is praying about whether the book of Mormon is true and if she should be baptized! Exciting.

We also visited an old woman in our ward to help her clean out her closet and she ended up giving us sooo many of her old clothes... Now I don't have to go shopping, so that's helpful!!

We are also teaching us this woman from Hungary who got baptized two years ago and the member she is staying with is the grandmother of one of the sisters that taught her back home in Hungary! CRAZY. She is so excited to improve her english and do family history and go to the Temple! That's the life.

Brother Newall also taught Priesthood yesterday! He even had to cancel some appointments with us to prepare. He is doing so awesome.

Things are great here in Bramladesh. (Brampton has a lot of Indian people, we love it. #turbans>touques