Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 4 Already?

You know you are a missionary when you dream about investigators and lessons to teach and scriptures to share, etc. Not creepy at all, right?
First and foremost...
Sierra, the cheerios are not as honey nut as America, so I'm sure you understand my struggle.
And Emily, you and your aunt-- at the Relief Society broadcast-- oh my goodness. "You know you consider it an intense athletic event when you have to climb just one flight of stairs..." SO YOU. So. You. hahahah. Can't wait to start running up the stairs to campus with you again...
So our zone leaders are such joksters.
"Sisters....what is the ratio of males to females in your ward?"
" 60% males, 40% females..."
"Okay....and how many of those males look good with facial hair?"
Funny Elders.
Can I just say that I love serving in a YSA ward? London is very different than anywhere I have ever been. Lots of old buildings. people that smoke, and animals. But meeting and serving with young people is exciting all the time!
So we are working with an investigator and he is so great. He told us that he was looking for some direction in his life. He came to church and is reading and praying and we are so excited for him to continue progressing! And one of the Lord's recent converts in our YSA branch decided that she was willing to makes sacrifices in order to follow the words of the Prophet. God answers prayers! And He loves to bless His children.
This week we went on exchanges and it was such a wonderful experience! I went to Brantford and we contacted people all day and met so many great people. I learned that it is so important to continue to give people a chance, to not take the first "no", and to be comfortable and confident when sharing the message of the gospel and my testimony with strangers. I think it is so easy to lose hope and want to move on and find people that are "prepared", but really, we won't find them if we don't keep talking to them and sharing with them truths of the restored gospel. God works wonders when we press forward with faith--especially in conversations with strangers. People are actually pretty amazing, but we don't know that if we don't actually care to get to know who they truly are.
While people have depth and truly have so much to share, they are also funny. I won't say how many times this past week we have been asked if we are dating/married/available etc. Oh people! We are full-time missionaries, no time for that!
Me: "Wait...does she know that families can be together forever?"
Companion: "Oh my goodness, Sister, you are such a missionary..."
Good thing I'm getting settled!
Missionary work is so inspired and I'm so blessed and grateful that I get to witness God's hand work miracles every single day. Jacob 5 is evidence that the Lord loves His children so much.
Days are like weeks, and weeks are like days. I am grateful to be a missionary!
Serve someone this week! Love y'all!!