Monday, August 11, 2014

"this is where it gets crazy"

This week we finally had the opportunity to ride the bus!! It's always a thrill. It was also the most beautiful day ever! This is the most beautiful summer I've ever seen! I love Toronto!

it poureddddd that day. we thought it was going to flood
So wet!
Something I learned is the importance of taking baby steps. God doesn't expect us to move mountains overnight, but he does expect us to act in faith and to get out of our comfort zones-- that's where our stretching zone is! That way, when we get to the spirit world, we won't be bound by our comfort zone or our weaknesses, but we will feel free and happy and at peace! 

After getting off the bus while we were blitzing ESL flyers, we stopped and talked to this girl. She was superrrrr not interested. So we asked her if she knew anyone that anyone that would be interested in hearing our message. And then she said the saddest thing I've ever heard a human say; she said, "About Jesus Christ and God? Uhm no, people don't believe in that anymore and it's really sad that you still do."

How sad, right? One of the most precious absolute truths of the gospel is that we are the literal sons and daughters of God! We are loved by the most omnipotent, all-powerful, all-knowing, all-loving God-- when we understand this, we cannot doubt our divine potential. 

So then we moved on and contacted people at Seneca college! IMMEDIATELY we found two guys who were overly excited about what we had to share with them. They're excited to learn more! So yes, the church is true!

This week we also had zone training! Great, as always. I love PREACH MY GOSPEL. I can testify that it was, without a doubt, designed beyond the veil. EVERYONE READ IT.

robert gooderham was baptized!

I don't really know if I actually grasp how prepared he was. His friend from elementary school, who was baptized a year ago, brought him to the YSA branch last month and ever since then, Robert has been preparing for baptism! After his baptism, he bore his testimony and it was so good!

Sometimes, people don't always "feel" something when it comes to conversion, but sometimes the spirit works through a "knowing" or excitement about truth and practicing gospel principles. That's Robert, and he is so happy.

I love being a missionary! 
I love y'all!
Sister Court


our stuck in traffic face

our ward mission leader and my cute companion doing the haka face

Robert got baptized!

the most adorable poster I've ever seen