Tuesday, April 8, 2014

God Loves His Children!

First of all...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH TO MY LITTLE SWEETIE! Can't believe you are 19, are just growing up oh so fast. Go eat some Smith's chocolate ice cream for the both of us, okay? And have the best month ever! I love you!

So this week we had Zone Training. It was so great! We learned a lot about how we have been preventing our investigators from progressing and about how we can learn to help them progress, such as by helping them find the answers to their own questions, giving them assignments, asking questions that will help them think, etc. It's really important that we as missionaries learn to not get in the way when the spirit is trying to teach the investigator something, but that we are receptive conduits for the spirit. After training, we all got to go pick up our mail! I got lots of restoration and plan of salvation pamphlets and cards to pass excited to share these babies with the world!

This week we taught a college student named John the Plan of Salvation-- at the end when he said the closing prayer, he thanked Heavenly Father that many things had been cleared up for him. That made me smile. We also got to visit a lot of less-actives this week. Some excited about coming back to church and some, notttt so much. It's so important, especially in this day, to exercise our agency for good so that we can learn to distinguish between good and evil. We have to constantly be nourishing our testimony so that we are never so vulnerable that the adversary has power over us.

This week I was talking with a recent convert's young teenage friend that he brought to the church. He told me about his 6 month old daughter and about how he believes in aliens (heaven help that little girl). But yeah-- it was just a great reminder that EVERYONE needs Christ in their lives!

So GENERAL CONFERENCE was just as beautiful as ever, eh? So how about Uchtdorf's talk on gratitude??-- it's amazing how God even answers unsaid prayers. I love the reminder to be grateful in all things, even when our circumstances are difficult. A grateful heart eliminates bitterness and it shows that we trust the Lord and know that He will take care of us. How blessed we are to have a Prophet and inspired leaders on the earth today! The Lord truly loves each one of us so dearly. And special shoutout/thanks to the Browns for feeding the missionaries all weekend! Bless their hearts!

Currently, we have three progressing investigators! Two of which, Jonathan and Brandon, have agreed to baptism at the end of this month and one, Amina, that we believe will accept baptism soon! Jonathan recently found God and knows that They are important and significant in our lives. Brandon was at a point of loss of direction and when the missionaries found him, it seemed to be exactly what he was looking for. Amina is the sweetest of all girls and has never had a religious background, but would love to have some sort of foundation to build upon. They all came to conference, too! What great souls they are!


Me: Did you know if you say gullible really slowly, it sounds like green beans?
Sister B: it doesn't?
Me: Oh my gosh.... did you know the ceiling says gullible on it?
Sister B: ........(looks up)......I thought I saw it there one time.

For those who didn't get to watch conference or who wish to be inspired and feel God's love, ---->

Teach someone something you learned from conference this week! Love y'all!

Sister Courtney Howle