Saturday, March 8, 2014

week one down already?

Loved ones!
So I don't mean to be "that sister missionary" that has the longest weekly updates of all, buuuuut I am. Sorry; but not really. Because-- GOSPEL.
First of all-- thank you to everyone that wrote me words of wisdom at the open house! I have read all of them and love what I've read! It's very helpful, so thank you!
And thank you JEFF18 for the package! It made my day!!

So I hit my week mark this past Wednesday! Only 77 weeks left?
Days feel like weeks, and weeks feel like days. Seriously, missionary time makes no sense.
So last week I accidentally washed a load of laundry THRICE. Of course, I would, right? Live and learn.
I love my district and my zone. My companion and I laugh alll the time and get along so well. We will be so sad to not be companions next week when we are in TORONTO!
Yeah, so we leave at like 4:30 AM. It's way cool. But I'm excited!

Last week, Sister Coleman was suuuuuper sick. She had a horrible cough. Gross LOL. So because of that, we had to LEAVE THE MTC and go to the BYU Heath Clinic. We literally just walked out of the MTC. It was the weirdest thing ever because it was our first time stepping out into the real world since being at the MTC. It was so weird-- especially since all my BYU people were literally down the road a couple blocks away. But she is better now, so thumbs up.
Last night we taught our investigator, Jessica. She is around the same age as us and she has a really open mind and a sweet heart. I have such love for her! But before we went in to teach her, Sister Coleman and I were feeling so low. We have been frustrated lately because we haven't been able to just teach simply and testify boldly and invite the spirit and we just were struggling. We felt so defeated. The first lesson we taught her was pretty alright-- we just answered a lot of her questions, but I think we overwhelmed her at the same time. The second lesson was okay, but I think we went way off topic on things that were irrelevant and we didn't focus on the message we prepared. But the third time (last night), was the best. Sister Coleman and I made goals before we went in and the lesson went way better. We were able to share the message that God loves all His children, no matter what. Jessica opened up in the lesson and I really think the message we shared was the message that she needed to hear.

I'm learning so much as a missionary. I'm learning more than I ever thought I could learn about the gospel. I am constantly realizing how much I really do not know and understand. Coming to the MTC, I thought I'd be learning skills and techniques on how to teach and what not, but I have been learning soooooooo much more that.
I've learned about others
and how the gospel applies to individuals
and how to lovingly and genuinely convey the messages and principles of Christ and the gospel
how the gospel is applicable to everyone and anyone
why the principles of the gospel are important
how to be more selfless
why being obedient brings blessings
and so much more
and in the process of learning so much, I'm strengthening my own testimony and coming to understand why I believe what I believe in the first place. I'm learning what it means to truly be converted unto the Lord-- because that's ultimately what we are all aiming for. At the end of the day, our relationship with the Lord is what helps us to grow and understand more than we'd ever be able to by ourselves.
This week I have really been trying to work on trusting in the Lord and letting Him take control. I know that when we have such a reverence for the gospel and for the principles that Christ has given us and when we are able to apply them daily and live them respectively, that's when we are able to let the spirit guide. I'm still learning how to apply the principles we've always been taught, but I know that that is how we become converted unto the Lord-- when we put Him before all else and act on what we say we believe.
Have a happy week, serve someone, and trust in the Lord! I love y'all!
Sister Howle