Saturday, March 1, 2014

Teach People, Not Lessons

I've been in the MTC for 3 days but it definitely feels like it has been 3 months.
So much has happened, I don't even know where to begin.
My companion is Sister Coleman. She is convinced that we were bffs in the preexistence (JEFF18 y'all are still my numero uno girls). But she is way sweet and very obedient and has such a good heart and I can tell she will be such a great missionary, because she is already.
My district is the bomb. It consists of Sister Coleman and I, and two Elder companionships. The elders (not guys- bad word here) are so fun and we all get along really well. (love them, but can't really say that here).
We have really good teachers and they're really helpful. They are PROS at "missionarying" and I hope to be as good as them as time goes on. I keep hoping that I'll run into Ryan Smith or Buster Townsend, but I have run into Elder Arrington many times, so that's been a tender mercy.
Classes are good. Really long, but the time goes by when it's all spiritual talk.
The first day we were with a big group for 3 different classes (kind of like EFY), and we interacted with "investigators" and asked them questions and commented as missionaries teaching them. That was pretty fun. I kept going back to the idea that its so important that, in the beginning of meeting with investigators, that we understand who they are and where they come from and what they are looking for. We have to be genuine in loving them and truly want them to know what we have to offer.
The MTC is definitely not my favorite place in the whole world, but slowly but surely, I'm learning to get used to this whole thing. Jessica and Savannah, you two will love it, I'm sure. People here are so friendly and it's a very spiritual atmosphere. I'm excited for y'all to be out here.
Tommy-- thank you! You know what for. Adam- thanks for the shirt! I have yet to get a picture yet, but I will soon enough.
Also, an Elder just asked if I've felt the spirit of God in my life. Yes, yes I have. I hope you all have, too!

I've learned so much this week that my brain is basically mush. So that's cool. But I do know tjat this gospel is true. I know that Christ understands us and knows when we are feeling weak, but He also knows us so personally and knows, better than we do, what we are capable of. True faith is when things are hard, not when things are easy. Pray for charity every day.
I love all of y'all sooooo much. I also miss hugs, but it's fine, its fine #JEFF18.
Have a great week and also remember your purpose!

Sister Howle