Saturday, November 29, 2014

hello from hamilton!

First of all...

big hugs to Megan Berge and Hillary Owen for RETURNING WITH HONOR. I feel like you both went into the MTC yesterday, and now you're home. I know that you were both such good missionaries and did wonderful things. I love you!

So this week was crazy. But here I am. In a family ward. In Hamilton (which is Gotham City for all you Batman lovers). We sisters don't go downtown, but it's still great! I miss Toronto YSA more than anything I've ever missed as a missionary before (besides my sweet companions), but it was my time to move on and I'm grateful that the Lord is already helping me grow in ways that I wouldn't have been able to otherwise. He knows!! We don't, but He does.

It's really weird being the companion that has come into an area where I don't know any of the streets or members or places or ANYTHING. It's been really good, though, because I have never really had to turn to the Lord so much! I love the feeling of not having to rely on ourselves, but instead, learning to rely on the Lord and take counsel from the Spirit. I love feeling close to the Lord. It's such a beautiful feeling of love.

So my new companion is Sister Pettus! She is from Hurricane (huur-i-cuhn) Utah! She has been out a little over a year and she is so great. She is so good at bringing the spirit when she testifies and I loooove that. She has only been in this area for a transfer, so we are kind of learning how to build it up together as we go!

She actually had a birthday this week so a big THANK YOU to Kelly for the leftover birthday things I happened to have that hopefully made her birthday a little colourful and fun! :)

This morning, I was reading something called the "Sister Susan Fulcher case study" -- it's so good! If you know anyone that is a missionary or going on a mission or if you want to be a better member missionary PLEASE READ THIS AND SHARE IT. It has changed my perspective on missionary work and I know that it will help us bring more precious souls into the gospel.

"It's funny, but I don't even feel discouraged when I ask someone to learn about the church, and they tell me they're not interested. I know I just offered them something more valuable than a $100 bill, and if they don't think they need it, I just offer it to someone else. And I always hope that the people who reject the invitation felt that I loved them, and felt God's love for them. At some point in their lives, they might remember how they felt, and remember that it came from God through me."

We don't know who is prepared, but the Lord does and they need what we have. So let's do our duty to God and preach the gospel. Our ward mission leader actually put together invitation ideas. You member missionaries out there should try some of these!:

-invite someone to watch the First Presidency Christmas Devotional with you on Dec. 7th
-invite someone to church during the month of December
-invite someone to join you for family home evening
-invite someone to read the Book of Mormon as a gift with your testimony inside
-invite the full-time missionaries over for dinner during the month of December
-invite the Saviour to assist you and guide you with your invitations and your desire to share his gospel as you join in hastening His glorious work

I am grateful to be a representative of the Lord. I know that His hand is in this work.

Please reach out to someone you don't know this week. Be a friend to them and love them and help them to feel God's love through you. You never know who might be praying for someone like you to come into their life.

I love y'all, but God loves you more!