Tuesday, September 2, 2014


This transfer is already so magical! I'm in the most coveted and blessed land of Toronto YSA, I'm with my MTC/dream companion Sister Coleman, we have zone conference this week, stake conference, general conference, the temple, and the Book of Mormon musical-- THIS TRANSFER IS GOING TO FLY. 

first of all...the Book of Mormon musical.
On September 27th, it will be "a Day in the Life of a Missionary"-- on this day, members will be coming out with us, live-tweeting/posting/instagramming/tagging//etc us missionaries to share with the world what we do! I want to invite EVERYONE, on September 27th, to share the gospel on all your social networks!!! This is the perfect opportunity to be a member missionary! 

This week we met with Chris, a less-active, and ate pizza. It was great! Just kidding, we also talked about weapons of war! We talked about how the anti-Nephi-Lehis were able to go from being super bloodthirsty and wicked to truly converted and dedicated to the Lord; their hearts had swollen in them. We talked about our OWN WEAPONS OF WAR and what we can do to bury them so that we, too, can being more converted! I love how applicable the Book of Mormon is to our own lives!

We also had exchanges this week. Man. How inspired! Sister Bodine is my STL and she and I knew each other before the mission so it was a sweet 24 hours together. It was also oh so inspired! We met with Yesol and she wants to be baptized! She is praying about a date for this month this week! So excited for her. I looooove her so much. 

Guess what? Robert Gooderham is doing so good! Man, that guy is going on a mission one day, I just know it. He has referred us to 3 of his friends, he gave a talk on language in sacrament meeting and totally threw down, and also role-played with us as if he were a missionary and we were investigators. He told us that we could find eternal happiness and we asked him how to do that and he told us "by following the teachings of Jesus Christ." Thank goodness life is so simple.

Madison is moving back to Newfoundland! I'm sad, but I know that the missionaries over there will be what she needs to take her next step! Being able to be apart of her conversion process has been such a blessing and testimony to me. What if we hadn't talked to her on the bus that one day? Lives can be changed, but only when we open our mouths and give people a reason to change.

The church is true! I love being a missionary. It's the greatest thing to be. May we all, as King Benjamin advises, "render to Him all that we have and are."

P.S. I have one birthday request :) I would love if y'all could send me your favorite scripture and favorite quote? And why it's your favorite! Thanks! Love y'all!