Thursday, February 5, 2015

And I think to myself.... what a wonderful LIFE.

And I think to myself.... what a wonderful LIFE.

First of all, there was a BLIZZARD last night and let's just say it took like hour to get out of our apartment parking lot and to the church. This is SERIOUS snow up here. Like, waist deep. But it's also so fun!

Okay so let's just talk about the Pope family for a second.
They are my favourite. I love them dearly. 
This past week, we had dinner and FHE with them, we tracted and Carissa and Ryan came with us to sell candy bars, we taught Eli the Restoration and he came to YM and played ball hockey, and FINALLY after a year and a half (I hope the former Elder Palmer is reading this), Krissy Pope has decided that she wants to be BAPTIZED ON MARCH 29. 

I can't put in words how much this family means to me. They are so special. The spirit is so real. As the gospel has entered their home, lives, and hearts, they are changing here a little and there a little. It's so AWESOME to picture where they'll be 10 years down the road. Ahhh!

Kerry. So we went by yesterday, basically planning to drop her because she hasn't been keeping commitments. We went and it turns out that she really has seen changes in her life since having the gospel and we were able to talk to her about the importance of really putting Heavenly Father FIRST. She actually wants to KEEP her commitments and so we're still moving forward! 

Oh! On Friday we had zone council-- so good, as always. But a man (muslim) walked in and said he wanted to learn more. AWESOME right? But then he told us that he had a friend 10 years ago (FROM TEXAS!!) who was Mormon and the things he told him has stuck in his mind ever since then, and so he decided to investigate further. HOW COOL, EH?!

OH MY GOODNESS. So Saturday we went and taught a lesson to this couple. They were so Christian and everything was going super well... and then she went crazy-- in a passionate/religious way. She went on telling us that WE CAN BAPTIZE ANYONE ON THE STREET AND IF THEY ARE DYING WE CAN CALL UPON THE HOLY SPIRIT TO BAPTIZE THEM AND WE DONT NEED TO WAIT FOR A PROPHET AND THAT WE HAVE THE POWER WITHIN OURSELVES TO DO EVERYTHING. It was quite exciting. 

Church yesterday was wonderful, as always. I bore my testimony and so did lots of others. I love hearing the testimonies of "older" (and younger!) people, just because they have so many experiences in their lives that have changed them. 

I know that Jesus Christ lives. I know that God lives. I know that we all have weaknesses and that God still loves us. I know that the Atonement allows us to change and be better. The gospel is what makes things work the right way. 

Have a great week! Open your mouth and share something special with someone this week!