Tuesday, May 20, 2014

one long minute

I have realized that everyday as a missionary is like one long minute. It's weird. I get up in the morning, do our daily things, then one long minute later, I'm back in bed for the night. Time flies!

"Sis W and I have Sunday night cereal (basically every night, its fine)"
Last Sunday, we were blitzing ESL flyers and we ran into this 18 year-old named Solomon. He was really reserved, but agreed to meet up with us sometime. He didn't give us a phone number, but said he is Christian and studies the bible a lot. A few days ago, just a day before we were scheduled to meet up with Solomon but not knowing if he would really show up or how we could even get a hold of him to find out, we get on the bus to go downtown, and who do we see? Solomon. I really have come to see that God is so involved in the details of our lives. He is aware of every one of us, individually. It is kind of awesome to think about how God plans so "randomly" but so perfectly for us to cross paths with people each and everyday. Can you imagine Heavenly Father's weekly planning at night?!
So, our zone leaders live in the same apartment building as we do, just a few floor below us. One night we were running home (#exactobedience) and as we were running past the building, when we hear "DISOBEDIENCE" and they pour water over the balcony onto us! So...we put tape in their doorway (face wax?) and then they put peanut butter on our door handle and so now a war has begun. Missions are fun!
"A view from our apt (PENTHOUSE whoop whoop)"
One day this week, we had no appointments, so we got to contact and blitz all day! It was so great. We rode the subway and went downtown and met so many prepared people along the way. We ended up walking through this beautiful park and talked to a guy named Jonathan. He is so great and ready to change his life around. It started to rain so we got his number and began heading home. As we were walking we stopped and decided to go back and teach him (thank goodness for gazebos). We went back and he said he was leaving soon, but we met another guy named Michael and we taught him the whole Restoration. He isn't YSA, but hopefully a seed was planted and one day he will get baptized. I realized how blessed I am to talk to people every single day and listen to each one of them open up about who they are and what they believe. I learn so much from people and I am beginning to really see things from their perspective, rather than just my own.
"What a member feeds us basically every week. SO GOOD. I love colombians and their food!"
We have a current investigator from Ecuador named David and he is so cool. He almost got baptized twice, but was passed off to us because YSA is obviously the place to be. Recently we taught him the plan of salvation. It was great because he said that the hermanas taught it to him before in Spanish and he didn't understand it, but when we taught it to him in English, he understood a lot better. Thank goodness the Spirit speaks all languages.
On Sunday, we taught our sweet Korean Tom. It was unforgettable. President and Sister Scott joined in on our lesson and we read from the book of Mormon with Tom. We wanted to go over baptism again because, with the language barrier, we knew he didn't quite understand. As we read with him 2 Nephi 31, we got to verse 10 and Tom read in the best English he could. After he read it, we asked him what he understood from that verse. He paused, looked up and said, "Follow Me". Of all things, Tom understood one of the most important things our Savior has ever taught-- to follow Him. The spirit was present and helped Tom to understand baptism much better. He has accepted it and will be baptized on June 15th!

During personal study one day this week, I was reading Alma 19. This is the chapter about Ammon and King Lamoni and Abish. First of all-- the FAITH of these people! Ammon was such a faithful AND diligent servant of the Lord. Faith without diligent works is dead. Abish had been converted to the Lord for years and when the perfect opportunity to share the gospel came, she "ran forth from house to house, making it known unto the people." She recognized the power of God in her life and wanted to share it! King Lamoni and the queen had a change of heart and shared it with all the people in their kingdom. But my favorite part is the very end of the chapter when the Lord pours out his spirit upon them; the Lord is able to bless them by pouring out his spirit among the people because THEY BELIEVED HE COULD. They had been truly converted and had no more desire to do evil. It all was because of their faith.
The church is true.

Have a fantastic week!