Monday, March 24, 2014

The Lord Loves Everyone

So missions are actually really hard, but they bring so many blessings! I have seen so many already.
This past Saturday, all the missionaries in the whole mission were able to gather together and listen to Elder Bednar speak to us. What a blessing that was! We also got to reunite with so many missionary friends from the MTC, so that was sweet!
So I'm serving in London in a YSA ward and it's pretty fun! It's different serving in a YSA ward for my first area, but I don't really know any different and it's cool anyway. I love being able to serve with people my own age.
I have met lots of interesting people since being in the field such as people that claim they are already Muslim or Roman Catholic, devil-worshippers, and just some down to earth people. But through it all, I'm learning what it really means to have charity-- to truly see people the way that God sees them. I'm also learning that everyone has agency-- everyone.
Sorry it's short this week, I'll elaborate more next week! But remember that everyone is a child of God, everyone needs to be loved, and everyone has the light of Christ in them.
PS- My life consists of a thousand tender mercies everyday. I sometimes hear apostate music by the elevator when we leave our apartment, but today Demons was playing and I about died smiling and singing. #badmissionary but I love the Lord and know He loves me, too!