Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A great week!

Last Monday, we had dinner with the new senior missionary couple! They are sweet. Sister C is a convert! After dinner we taught them the restoration as if they were investigators. It's true that gospel is for everyone! Afterwards, they invited us to send their daughter a pamphlet telling her we had dinner with them. How fun.

We also had some great exchanges this week! I got to be with Sister Bodine again! It was so fun to see everyone's faces when they saw that she was back in Brampton! BROTHER NEWALL WAS ECSTATIC to see her! It was fun being companions again :)

We also taught N! She isn't actually sure if she is a member or not, but based on the information she was giving us, she definitely wasn't baptized when she was little. But we taught her and it went really well! The spirit was felt and that's all that matters.

This week we had SKILLS & INTERVIEWS, which is where we have zone council and get to meet with President and Sister Clayton one on one. It was soooo good. Revelation was received, ideas were shared, concerns were discussed, and love was felt. I love President and Sister Clayton. I'm grateful for their parental guidance.

So interesting story. We were contacting people in this neighborhood and before we left we decided to talk to these two people we saw sitting on their porch. They have actually met the sisters before and were super nice. Then we asked them if they knew anyone that might be interested in hearing our message and they referred us to their neighbor friend M. So the next day we went to visit him and turns out he was a former investigator to the elders a couple years ago! Sweet old man from Guiana. Then the next day we went back for a lesson, he bought us pizza but we couldn't go inside (because we didn't have a third female), so we called a member that lived right around the corner and she let us come right over! So we met in her home, ate pizza, and attempted to talk about the gospel, but boyyyy is M a chatterbox! One day he'll be ready.

We also visited a woman in the ward and her mom! They are wonderful. They also speak espanol, so sister Howle tried to teach the Restoration in Spanish and it was amusing and mucho divertido. 

Oh! So cool! So one day when we were pulling out of the church parking lot, we saw this lady looking into the church and was trying to get in, so we stop and talk to her. She was looking for the times for church services! So we grabbed her number and she came to church last week! Then we taught her again and her first question was, "So how many people believe this Joseph Smith?" Well, about 6 million people. So we taught her the Restoration and it's really interesting because she doesn't seem interested but her questions make her sound like she is? We'll see!

OH MY GOODNESS. So R is doing so well. She is a less-active member and has just gotten out of the hospital. During this time that she has been sick, she's been able to read her scriptures more and her testimony is just GROWING. It's also been good because her husband has been praying for her and he isn't even a member, but his heart is just softening! PROGRESS.

On Saturday, we did a zone service project at a park near our house and picked up trash. It was a beautiful day, and it was fun to work with the other missionaries! We found some very interesting things! Like coconuts, an iPhone, some flower pots.... We got pretty scratched up trying to grab some of the garbage that had flown into the bushes. One elder got scraped so bad he had to get stitches! Anyways, please keep the earth clean, my friends! 

Yesterday we had lunch with another senior missionary couple! They are sweet. Then that night we got fed by a less-active family, the Os. It was cool because they said their family is neverrrr all in the same house at the same time, so that happened for a reason! They are from Nigeria and are way funny. We talked about the Godhead and prayer after dinner and I just love feeling the spirit when talking about my Heavenly Father and Saviour, Jesus Christ. They live and want the best for us! And we can know exactly what is right based on how we feel, through the Holy Ghost.

I always say, our church is a "feely" church, because we are! We base our knowledge and faith on those confirmations that come to us in our hearts, because that conviction comes to us from our Heavenly Father through the spirit, which I'm grateful for.

This week we also visited a member and her daughter who has actually been thinking about a mission! She asked us questions and it was hard to answer because how do you just say in words how you feel about your mission, you know?

The best was yesterday. We had a broadcast from Salt Lake streamed to the whole North America North East area. Elder Hales, Andersen, Kacher, and Sister Reeves spoke to us. It was beautiful. Much needed counsel was received yesterday through the spirit and I learned so much about how to be a good missionary, parent, and person. Something that was said that I love:

"We decide the degree of our discipleship."


Love ya!