Friday, January 9, 2015

So remember that one time when 2014 just flew by?

Crazy, eh?
Also, SHOUTOUT to Garret Cragun for returning with honor!! What a good missionary and friend!

So, I'm still in Hamilton and I'm training a new baby missionary! Well, she's training me, but it's been so fun! Sister Raymant is 26, from Alberta, and makes me laugh allllll the time! I love her! We get along so great.
This week, we just have really been working on having revelatory planning sessions and in rebuilding our teaching pool. It's been fun though because when Sister Jensen and I combined our areas for 2 weeks, we didn't have time to contact or tract, because we had so many people to teach!

But this week has been good because we have had more time to tract and contact people on the street, and it's been so fun! Especially for Sister Raymant who is new to it all. She is so good though?! Like, I'm super impressed.

I feel like I have thought a lot about when I was new and how I was trained and what helped me and what didn't and it's really been such a blessing to see how I have grown so much. The Atonement is real! I testify that it is.
Right now, we are teaching the Pope family. The mom has been coming to church every other Sunday or so for about a year and a half. This family is a rough-around-the-edges-I-don't-care-or-feel kind of family. Every time we go over there, there is so much yelling and barking and screaming and fighting, BUT...every time we go over there, I feel so much peace and joy. As we've been teaching two of her kids, it's really cool to see how the atmosphere changes when the spirit enters the room and how their hearts soften (just a little!) when they choose to participate and engage in the conversation. They are so special! I love seeing their potential.
So right now, they are super promising. Please pray for them!
And for Mike that he'll stop smoking.
And for Todd that he'll understand the Book of Mormon when he reads it.
And for Diana that her struggles won't burden her down.
Oh! Diana! So one day, we went to meet Mike, but he ended up bombing the appointment, so we decided to tract his apartment building. The FIRST door we knocked on, a man answered. Super friendly! I thought at first he wasn't really interested, though. Then his wife in the background yells, "Tell them to pray for me!" Then she insisted that we come in. She began telling us that she has been going through a lot lately and was asking us about forgiveness and God's love. She told us that she has been praying for something. Then we showed up. We taught her the Restoration and afterwards she said she already felt a little better.
NEW YEAR'S MIRACLES! Our Heavenly Father will always bless us for every effort we put in.
So yeah, this week was great and I love being a missionary. I'm so fortunate.