Wednesday, July 16, 2014

the greatest thing ever

Famous line of the week:

"This is the thing about Toronto-- if you stand in one place too long, you'll get high."

Truth. So don't stand in one spot for too long.

So transfers are this week! My dear, sweet Sister Waldron is going back home on Wednesday. I love her so much!! I thank God everyday for blessing me with such a Christ-like companion.

As for me I will be....

STAYING IN TORONTO YSA! Whoop whoop! I love YSA. I just can't get enough of it!

This last week together was great! The sun was shining, it wasn't humid, God worked numerous miracles here and there, and being a missionary is the greatest thing ever. 

Right now, Madison, Dennis, and Tom are our solid investigators.
I love these people so much! They are such good spirits and I know Heavenly Father loves them so much. They truly recognize the goodness of God and desire it in their lives. How great reason have we to rejoice! (#Alma 26:1)

"I just keep relating to Joseph Smith!" "I feel good here." "I think that faith is something you believe in and hope for, that you can't see." "I was actually reading about the Word of Wisdom last night...why tea?!" "I liked the verse about mercy." "I think I feel something different...right now." " could he not be a prophet?" "I am happier that I have Christ in my life now." 

Again, this is why being a missionary is the greatest thing ever.

This week we also had such an uplifting District Meeting. Something that is so important is to ASK QUESTIONS. 
We ask questions so that investigators can teach themselves.
We ask questions to help investigators verbalize their thoughts and feelings.
We ask questions  to help our investigators to be agents, not objects.
When we ask questions, we learn!

One day this week, we contacted in the heart of downtown. We were just talking to people, left and right. Most just keep on walking and ignore us, but the few people that did stop to talk to us, helped me realize how blessed we are as missionaries to have people open up to us about their personal lives and beliefs. We are random people on a random street, yet people stop. They stop and tell us who they are. They tell us what they believe and why they believe it. Even when people are wrong or stubborn or want to argue, it's in these moments that begin to feel love beyond my own. I don't love people perfectly by any means, but the example of my Savior gives me guidance.

At church yesterday, there were so many prepared visitors! (Look at those YSAers go!) I can't even put into words how good God is, but He is. He works wonders for His children because He loves them. 

I love this gospel! The church is true. If you ever doubt it, doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith. Satan wants us to forget our spiritual experiences, our potential, our faith, the goodness and love of God. But remember the faith you do have-- lean on it!

Oh! And this week, for the first time, I had leg of lamb, ribs, and I tried apples and syrup! These Canadians do not mess around with their maple syrup!

I love y'all!

Sister Court