Monday, April 13, 2015

there is sunshine in my soul and area today

This week it was T O A S T Y outside! So beautiful!

We had dinner with our recent convert Abigail and helped her with some party things for her daughter! It's so fun to see how her testimony is growing and that it's HERS, that SHE has developed herself. She even teaches Gospel Principles now and does sooooo well.

We visited Brother Newall and taught him about how to be a good friend/member present when he comes teaching with us! We also invited him (just for fun) to read from PMG and watch the District! 

We also taught a very prepared woman who didn't understand the Priesthood authority and so we read from the Restoration pamphlet and explained it in Laymans terms and then she understood it perfectly, no questions. She felt the spirit make it click in her head, it was cool to watch.

We also saw Donna, aka Mother Teresa, and talked to her about conference. She just loves everything about the church (which is a good thing because she is a recent convert). She is excited for her family to get baptized one day!

We visited the Neves family and were able to read the Book of Mormon with them and they're going to be reading together as a family every night! But it was cool because as we read 1 Nephi 1, we talked about the vision Lehi saw and about when "he saw God sitting upon his throne"-- and Sister Neves' eyes got so big. (I love those little tender moments)

Yesterday we had the special opportunity to work on some family history with a member and I just know the spirit of Elijah is real! We're so excited to continue on with this holy work!

Afterwards we talked to her neighbors and they were these cool hippy parents who were so welcoming and want us to come back next week! We're excited about it!

Oh, it was so cool. We were tracting one rainy/humid day, and we knock on this one door and this young guy answers the door [shirtless] and was so interesting? He told us he recently accepted Jesus Christ into his life because he just got out of jail and while there, could only read the Bible. So he welcomed us in and his whole family was there and we taught them about the Restoration and at the end we asked, "Is there anything we can do for your family?" And his mom was like "You can come back?" OKAY. :) and are excited to go back and invite them all to be baptized!

One day, we had a lot of awkward experiences. We went to this one crescent to tract, and it was just full of so many interesting things that happened. First we talked with this man and as he was going inside, all his dogs ran outside and so we're trying to like wrangle them back in the house and then close their front door for them
And then we go to knock on some doors and TWICE, the person is pulling up in the driveway as we are walking to knock on their door.
And then this Asian man answered the door and I tried to speak Mandarin to him and he was like, "yeah that's not gonna work with me."
andddd it was just funny and awkward there haha...

So yes, this week was good. We have lots of names to work with and have a great ward council and are excited to build the area back up!

Have a good week!