Friday, March 6, 2015

one year older and wiser too

This transfer is flying! I'm learning a lot about my Saviour and how to really seek the spirit literally alllllll the time, and about just loving and not worrying. Life is a beautiful thing, and this mission is even more beautiful (for now).

Yesterday, Sister Bodine and I prayed about where to go yesterday, and chose a certain area to work in where a former investigator lives. We worked there for about an hour and were about to leave to go to dinner. But an extra serge of energy hit both of us as we unlocked the car door to leave, and we both decided that we wanted to stay for five more minutes before we left. After deciding that we walked to the first door that we saw and as we were about to knock, a couple drove into the driveway and just stared at us wondering who we were (haha I love the looks that people give us sometimes). We went to their window and introduced ourselves. We introduce ourselves and started speaking their Jamaican language to them and they thought it was hilarious. (WAG WAN MAN= what's going on, man!) 

After seeing our nametags, they asked us if we would like to come in and talk to them about Jesus Christ. We smiled and said "Of course!". It was a marvelous experience. Neither of them have been baptized and that is something that they yearn for. They have a cute, young family and we are just so excited to work with them. We wouldn't have met them had we left just a few minutes earlier.

On Friday night, the stake held a "Meet the Mormons" movie night at the church, everyone was invited to come! We had a very good turnout! And the movie was great as always. Love it!

Brother Doug Newall came to the movie as well and enjoyed it very much. The next day, he was so excited to tell us about his experience of getting to the church. He took a cab, and on his way there he got talking to the driver about God and what his beliefs are. When they got to the church, B. Newall took out the money to pay him and the driver told him no charge, that he was grateful for the conversation that he had with Brother Newall and hoped that he had a great time at the movie. Brother Newall was flabbergasted. He is having so many experiences like that! We are making sure that he writes all those experiences down in his journal :)

Mary and Brian are working on the Word of Wisdom-- they are coming a long way! It's a work in progress. 

I love this work! It's my favourite.