Thursday, August 28, 2014

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What a great transfer! I swear, I feel like it was only yesterday that Sister Tebbs' and I became companions. She's headed home! Love her sooooo much. Lifelong friends, that's for sure.

Sister Tebbs and I with our korean investigators! SJ, Bin, and DK!
I'm staying in Toronto YSA!!! I LOVE TORONTO YSA. I LOVE THIS AREA. I LOVE THESE PEOPLE. And I'm going to be with my MTC companion, Sister Coleman. We're excited to thrash the nations. That also means we will be here for the Book of Mormon Musical, general conference, and going to the Temple! BLESSINGS GALOREEEEE

Also, I hit a third of my mission already. What?....Anyway!

This week we met with Bin and SJ! They are so cool. Bin just keeps bringing more and more and more friends! He and his roommates all came to church yesterday. When we met with them to talk about how church was, BIn's roommate DK said he felt good and calm; that is was a very different feeling, but that he liked how everyone feels close to God. Isn't church just oh so good! Man, so many blessings come from going to church! We feel the spirit, we rest from our labors, we take the sacrament and renew our covenants, we take upon ourselves Christ's name, we feel calm and at peace, we learn new things and receive revelation, we FEEL CLOSE TO GOD. What a blessing.

Zone leader fun!
Guess who texted us this week? DAVID SANTA CRUZ-- mine and Sister Waldron's former from last transfer who was SOLID for baptism and then just disappeared. He wants to feel like he did before when he was preparing for baptism... therefore, he is preparing for baptism again! 

We also met with Adriana-- she and Eurah (Relief Society President) have run into each other so many times and so they took that as a sign that they are meant to be friends haha. She grew up with religion being kind of shoved down her throat and has had some superstitious/spiritual experiences, and so hopefully as we meet more, we will be able to help her strengthen her faith and understand what these experiences mean. Crazy cool stuff happening here!

We also met with Yesol! Something I love about missions is seeing people change. I can tell that Yesol is changing. Her character is becoming more refined and her testimony more solid. I love her so much! 

Sad thing that happened this week: Danielle texted us after being MIA for a week. She fell back into her old ways and she isn't interested in meeting anymore. Pray for her that she'll ONE DAY be ready to ACCEPT and COMMIT to the gospel and claim the blessings that are hers!

Saturday night, Daniel, our ward mission leader (the best one to ever exist) took us out for all you can eat sushi! Our recent convert Robert and other YSA members joined! It was such a treat! We ate good food, had a lesson on how we are all God's children, and celebrated Sister Tebbs' birthday before she goes home! It was a good time with some great people.

Because it was Sister Tebb's last week, we had lotsssss of dinner appointments :) We had dinner with Laura Limas, with the Lim's (love that family!), and with Dali. He fed us and our investigator, Madison, spanish food and we watched "On the Lord's Errand" and talked about the importance of following the Prophet. I love at the end of the movie when President Monson says he loves the Savior and that if the Lord ever needs an errand run, he'll do it. I, too, love my Savior and am grateful to be on the Lord's errand. 

I love y'all!

"The fact that our heart yearns for something that earth can't supply is proof that heaven must be our home." -C.S. Lewis

The City!

Rodolfo! MY recent convert. Ladies man.