Thursday, August 28, 2014

week 6, transfer 4

Life as a missionary is oh so great!

This week was pretty normal.

Monday we had a spiritual district meeting!

Tuesday we were late to EVERYTHING. We definitely did not gauge our time appropriately...
BUT we met with our investigator Danielle, who has actually been a former a few times with many missionaries. She fed us and we discussed the Gospel of Jesus Christ and talked about the notes she took on 2 Nephi 2. The only thing is that she is currently we'll say some prayers and try to find her.

Wednesday we taught our new investigator, Bin! He is from Korea! He is so cool. When we met with him the second time, we followed up with his reading of the restoration pamphlet. He told us, "These things I's like a story. Like, it's not real, I don't believe it." After we watched the restoration movie in Korean (still felt the spirit!) and taught and testified, he paused and said, "okay...I will believe you." He is progressing! Cool guy!

Thursday Sister Tebbs and I planned. It was slightly emotional since we both finally grasped that we were planning for our LAST week together. Bittersweet. We also visited two less-actives, Kathy and Ruby. I love those girls!

Friday we taught a guy we met recently. I truly learned the importance of CUTTING THE FLUFF. We can't talk and tell, but we have to teach and testify-- and keep it simple. We teach people, not lessons. We also visited another less-active who recently read her Patriarchal blessing and decided that she really wants to start coming back to church. She has a great heart, I love her.

Saturday we had ESL! Always so fun. Then we met with Robert and watched the Testaments. Throughout the movie, I kept getting chills and I realized that the spirit was LITERALLY testifying to me the truths that were being said and taught. I LOVE the spirit. By the end of the movie my eyes were teary and even though Robert was confused as to my emotions, I told him to never doubt the truth, to always go to church, to love the Savior, etc. etc. The church is true!

Sunday was good! The spirit was so present, as always. We met with Ga Hee and Yesol and read from the book of Mormon and it was so good. When in doubt, BRING IN THE SCRIPTURES. Scripture power, it's real!

A quote I love:
“The fact that our heart yearns for something that earth can’t supply is proof that heaven must be our home.” -CS Lewis

We truly are spirits having a mortal experience, not mortals having a spiritual experience. We have divine potential and we are loved.

I love y'all! 
Sister Court