Thursday, July 10, 2014

Light vs. Dark

It was my first zone conference and President and Sister Scott's last. Their motto and counsel that has been the such a great reminder for me as a missionary is to "be a little bit better tomorrow than you were today." They are two of the most wonderful people I have ever known. I'm grateful for their service and continued love. I will miss them dearly!
Shoutout to Shannon McCormick (who is on a mission and probably won't see this)-- President and Sister Clayton love you and I'm so excited to meet them!
Anyway ZONE CONFERENCE! In preparation, we studied scriptures and fruits in the world today of light vs. dark. Every single decision we make in our lives either moves us closer to God or it moves us away from God.
Something I'm grateful to realize is that we HAVE to "process with the Savior in the light" rather than "processing with the adversary in the dark" (Sister Scott).
The Lord helps us grow by building us up and by loving us, whereas the adversary tears us down and makes us feel like we are incapable of growing and being better.
I'm so grateful to have been taught this, because when we understand this ^, we know exactly of how much worth we are to our Father in Heaven. He loves us and builds us up with loving correction.

The other beautiful things about ZONE CONFERENCE included discussions of studies of light vs. dark, life lessons and departing advice from President and Sister Scott, testimonies of departing missionaries, and the spirit that was there. I just love spiritual rejuvenation! (Also, shoutout to Sister Coleman because I saw her for the first time since our first transfer and I love her and can't wait until we can be companions again)
Miracles were seen this week and prayers were answered. My absolute favorite thing about being a missionary is being able to see God's hand in His children's lives. As missionaries, we get to talk to so many of our brothers and sisters and countless times, we see how we did not just cross paths with certain people by chance. Coincidences don't happen-- the heavens have not closed, God answers prayers (even those that go unsaid), and he loves each child. HOW DOES HE DO IT?
Remember, all God expects of us is to be a little bit better tomorrow than we were today. He loves you! Choose the light! #CTL

This week is Gay Pride week down here in Toronto, so next week's email should be exciting! I love y'all!