Wednesday, May 13, 2015

may day, may day


Lots to catch up on!

So I'm serving in the cutest little town. We are right here by the beach (it's more of a lake, but really a beach) and the weather is warm, the sun is shining, people are out and about, the church is true, miracles are happening every single day, and I love being missionary.

This week we saw many miracles and that's because Sister Rasmussen and I are working hard at trying a little harder to be a little better, especially with working on being more consecrated and obedient to the counsel our mission President (but ultimately that Heavenly Father) has given to us. And I feel happy.

That's our transfer theme with the sisters! About how OBEDIENCE BRINGS HAPPINESS. Because it's true! The more we are obedient to our Father in Heaven, the more we put aside our will for His, the more we consecrate ourselves to Him, the more willing we are to put it all on the altar of sacrifice and walk away, the more we become like Him, the happier we are. I know that's true.

This week we had some meetings that really just reminded me of the significance of my calling. This is such a sacred opportunity to represent the Saviour and turn outward to all those around us, strangers, missionaries, family/friends at home, etc. We are always a missionary and we are the Lord's hands. For that I'm humbled and grateful. As one elder put it, "This is all for people." And it is.

Right now our progressing investigator is John. John has been interviewed and worthy of baptism! John is so excited about baptism and that is because as soon as he came to church and felt of that spirit there, that's when he was ready to accept his own date of when he wants to be baptized. And He is excited about going to the Temple soon after. But this is all happening the way it is because he came to church. 

"When I taste your goodness, I shall not want."

So these are some of the happy happenings of our week so far!:

We contacted downtown for awhile, always an adventure. While there, we met this nice lady from Scotland, Ellen. She gave us $5 to go buy ourselves a coffee for all the hard work we were doing. We told her we don't drink coffee, and she said to use it to buy a juice then. ha! But then we actually ended up running into her again on Saturday and now we are going to a Thai restaurant with her this upcoming week! She is being prepared.

COOLEST THING EVER. So we were having a hard time teaching a 12 year old recent convert, but we finally got him to come outside with us and we got him to help us contact people on the street downtown. He was on his longboard and we just gave him some of our cards and he would ride by handing them a card and say " HAPPY WEDNESDAY!" how awesome?! and then he got way ahead of us and came back after he was talking to this lady for a few minutes and was like "so I just had to tell her what the Book of Mormon was, no biggy." MAN SO COOL. It was so neat to have him come out with us especially since he has been going through a hard time and doesn't think he wants to serve a mission. But he will!!

We played soccer and ball hockey for sports night while getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. Being so used to the Canadian winters here, I forgot about those things.

We cleaned Gabriels Autobody shop and helped out at Salvation Army. I loved it! So many people that come in, so distressed, that just don't know about their purpose and how much God loves them! But during clean up, we went and talked to one guy about the Restoration and then the Plan of Salvation and he's like "What is gonna happen after I die??" And we were like, "Ya gotta meet with us to find out!!" He's ready, he just doesn't know it.

Saturday: we decided to car fast for most of the day (to help save on gas) and we just saw miracle after miracle. We met so many people who were either related to a Mormon or knew someone that was Mormon. We also met this sweet mom and daughter, Tammy and Natasha and they are excited to meet with us this upcoming week! We were going to start heading back home and then we felt prompted to go talk to this lady and her daughter. We talked to her about why she felt baptism was important, and she ended up telling us that she was baptized into our church 15 years ago! We got her contact info and she wanted us to meet with her niece, who needs friends and we talked about the youth program. Right before we got home, about an hour later, she called us and asked if we could go meet with her 15 year old niece, Julia right then, so we did! How cool!

We then helped a member pull weeds and she fed us. We then went and picked up a member to go teach John about the sabbath day. Really he just taught us, we are just there to listen half of the time. Definitely a kingdom builder. 

We then practiced for the musical number for the elders baptism tomorrow, we just did an arrangement that I made up of When I am baptized.

Sunday: MOST STRESSFUL DAY EVER. We just had 101 things to do, but saw miracles along the way. It is funny, Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest but for missionaries it is probably the busiest day ever. It's great, though. Our recent convert was confirmed, her boyfriend was there, a woman that has been less-active her whole life came to church after working up the courage to come into the church for about a year, we taught and did a musical number at the elder's baptism, I met lots of members (since I'm new), we tried to teach our investigator, John had his baptismal interview, and we skyped for Mother's Day!

I'm grateful for the mother figures in my life. I've learned a lot from them. I realize I have messed up so much, but I'm grateful for the continued love and guidance I receive. 

"How will young women learn to live as women of God unless they see what women of God look like, meaning what we wear, watch, and read; how we fill our time and our minds; how we face temptation and uncertainty; where we find true joy; and why modesty and femininity are hallmarks of righteous women? How will our young men learn to value women of God if we don't how them the virtue of our virtues?" -Sheri Dew

I love my calling! I love my Saviour!

Have a happy week!