Monday, December 8, 2014

a looong week

Well, this week was long! Therefore this weekly update will be laaame.

Monday we visited the Pulsiphers and had FHE with them. We read the parable of the 10 virgins and talked about the importance of spiritually preparing ourselves for when the Saviour will come. 

It's happening one day, people!

Later that night, we visited our investigator Hilde and the Chinese elders came and gave her a blessing for her back. It was neat to hear in her blessing how much her Heavenly Father loves her. Power to the priesthood!

hello from Gotham city!
We also have been visiting more families in the ward. I love those people. I really admire how these families and I'm grateful to see how none of them are perfect, but they do what they can to love like Christ and put Him at the center of their lives.

It's also funny to hear conversion stories of all these older members and how they turned down missionaries so many times! Haha seeds have to be planted before flowers can bloom! (I'm still sick so if that's cheesy and makes no sense, sorry).

Friday we have Zone Council! It was so great. Sister Jensen (another sister in the ward) and I were asked to demonstrate the role-play on how to use the pamphlets more effectively and simply. It was scary and fun! 

Afterwards, Sister Pettus felt sick and pulled out of the musical number last minute so guess who filled in for her?


I sang Silent Night with Sister Jensen and two other elders and it was TERRIFYING. But I loved it. I love singing! I just needed a push to go up there! 

This week, we have met a lot with Mike! Haha we love Mike. He always prays that we will have dreams where we are flying over things or prays for our future husbands, he's a special one. 

We even went over to teach him and ended up showing him and his mom and sister the "He is the Gift" video. The spirit was so strong and my heart was just a pounding! I love the spirit and I love my Saviour. He loves us all so much.

How about that Christmas Devotional?! The music was beautiful, the words were uplifting, and the spirit was edifying. 

So yeah, everyone go watch it! And share the wonderful spirit of Christ with all those who mean something to you.

I love y'all!
the sketchiest of all elevators

hey lookey there. It's Dallas!