Monday, November 3, 2014

goodbye october, hello november

This week was the week that we saw the fruits of our labors! Wow, so blessed.

So, where to begin, really?
Sick Sister Howle
Okay, so one day a few weeks ago, we were going to meet up with someone downtown. On our way there, we were kind of lost, so we asked this lady that was walking toward us for directions. We chatted and she told us her name we Beth. We told her who we were and started talking about our Heavenly Father and this earth and the restored gospel. Something I loved that she said was, "It's stupid to think this is by chance and it's vain to think it's all about us." Amen, sister friend. She was so cool, but not interested at the moment. She never gave us her number, but we gave her ours and she wished us good blessings as we went our way.
This past week, we were headed to an appointment with a potential investigator named Brian. When we got to where we were meeting him, he stopped answering his phone, not too uncommon. So, we decided to talk to people in that area. As we are walking, we find a really cool guy named Adam who actually met missionaries years ago! We got his number and went on, convinced that we went to that area to find him. After a while, we are heading back and guess who we see? BETH. She gave us the biggest hugs and told us she had been thinking about us the day before! (ahhhhh) and then when we went into her antique shop there on the street, we pulled out this record there and guess what it was? Mormon Tabernacle Choir. 
Sister Coleman & Sister Howle
She gave us her number and address and wants to meet sometime soon!
THEN, Brian ended up actually calling us back because he forgot his phone! So it was a great day!
This past week, our friend Chris came teaching with us a bunch! He is such a good missionary! He is a convert and has a strong testimony, just a little shaky at times. But! When he teaches ad testifies with us, it's so powerful! It made me reflect on my own testimony. As missionaries we learn to just cut the fluff and keep things simple, but with that, I realized that I want to work on being sincere and personal when I bear my testimony! So, it's coming along!

(If anyone else feels the same, I HIGHLY recommend studying chapter 3 of PMG and making a list of blessings that you have received from each of the principles taught! I'm doing it, too!)
We also went on exchanges. I love our Sister Training Leaders, Sister Hsiung and Sister Bodine!

Church was so good yesterday! We had quite a few investigators finally come to church and it was fast & testimony meeting and the spirit was so strong! I love the YSA! So many of our ivestigators finally came, that Sister Coleman and I didn't even attend Sunday school or Relief Society because we needed to meet with them before they left! Briefly:
-hyunee came back! she first came in July, but came back and wants to learn more about the Book of Mormon
-Yesol came! She felt the spirit and missed many people. It was so good for her to be there with everyone! She loved it!
-Calvin FINALLY came for the first time. He loved it! He said it was very impressive and that he felt honored to be there. ahhh. And he brought his friend! Yessss! So good.
-Daniel came and met so many people and even told other missionaries in the church that he knew the church was true. (Sister Coleman actually found him when we drove past him one day and after 5 minutes, turned around because she felt that we needed to talk to him-- super prepared!!)
-Karen. Oh man, is she special. After 8 years and a bailed baptism date so long ago, she felt something different and special at church; particularly when they talked about the sacrament. Through her tears, she admitted that she just wanted a big sign-- we told her that she has gotten so many of them already. She is praying about a date for baptism this week :)
-Jacquelin came even though it was hard! The spirit prompted her to come church!
Before my mission, when I was preparing, I started to feel this love for people that hadn't met yet; in testimony meeting yesterday, I expressed that a portion of that love was for them-- the YSA and our investigators there. I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE THESE PEOPLE! I love them so much!! I am so grateful that I've been here for so long because this area has changed me. It's been such a blessing to see it grow and to see the miracles that take place here. Toronto is my sacred grove. I love this place and these people.
I love y'all! xoxo