Monday, September 15, 2014

colds, contacting, and colder weather

This transfer is going by too fast!
I feel like Sister Coleman and I were just in the MTC yesterday. 

Sometimes its hard to gauge if we are working hard because we get a long so well and are having such a blast and are serving in the most coveted area at the best time of year and we don't seem to have any struggles... but lately we have realized that, amidst the good things happening, that we are definitely in a rebuilding stage here in Toronto YSA.

This past week was great though! I have such a strong testimony of contacting! Man, there are so many prepared, kingdom builders out there! But we won't know if they're prepared or not, and they certainly won't know either, if we don't OPEN OUR MOUTHS. 
So yes we found a lot of potentially solid investigators this past week! It is THE best thing to see how the Lord just puts people in your way and shows forth miracles when you decide to just do some solid gospel-sharing.

We contacted at Ryerson University as well-- lots of students, but a lot of people are super... hard-core? haha we'll find some prepared ones eventually!

The best part of this week, though, was... ZONE CONFERENCE!
Holy cow. I testify that the spirit is REAL. It is more real than anything we can see and touch here during this frail existence we have. 

In preparation for zone conference we were all asked to prepare a 3 minute talk on our purpose as missionaries. Turns out, a few other missionaries and myself were asked to actually give our talks in conference. I love our purpose. We invite others to come unto Christ by helping them... 

I love that. I love my Savior because I know that He loves me perfectly and personally. He loves everyone that way. Everyone deserves to partake of that love; so that's why we invite them, and we do that by helping them. Preach my Gospel has such beautiful words. This is what we do:

Feel. Testify. Love. Desire. Obey. Live. Receive. Know. Follow. Go, do, say. Develop. Work. Bring. Seek. Learn. Improve. Help. Build. Warn. Invite. Teach. Serve.

That's what we do. As disciples of Christ, we promised Him we would do these things. I love being a member of the Lord's church. And I especially love being a missionary! 

I also love President and Sister Clayton. They imparted many wise words by the spirit:

"Be bold not overbearing. Being overbearing is boldness without love." -President Clayton

"If we want to be blessed and saved and soothed, we have to come unto Christ." -Sister Clayton

This gospel is all about people, families, light, Christ, change, faith, love, God's plan, the Atonement, coming unto Christ, etc. It's all oh so good!

There were many miracles seen this week and many great people we found. I feel like Ammon sometimes because "I cannot say the smallest part of which I feel." But I can say that this is the Lord's work, and He is hastening it. 

I love y'all!