Monday, May 12, 2014

Why do angels have wings?

I'm so happy that I got to skype yesterday and see and hear from my favorites! I love y'all more than life!

I hope everyone got to see the beautiful Mother's Day video on If not, check it out and share it on all of your social networks (and hashtag it #itwasmom)! Even though mother's day was yesterday, we can celebrate mothers ever day! Like a kind Pakistani man on the bus told me, "every day is mother's day!" We should always be celebrating the lives of our families and friends every single day. We all have such precious people in our lives!

Speaking of precious people, we spoke to a bunch of them this week. We talk to a bunch of people every week, but this week my goal was especially to ALWAYS be talking to someone about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm learning to balance "not caring what people think" and "caring about people" so that I can boldly testify to strangers about the message of the restored gospel.

This week, we met with Leighton. He is so cool. He told us a lot about how he is trying to get in tune with his spiritual side and how in order to do that, he has been reading a few books. Since meeting with us, he has decided that he wanted to stop reading all of those books and just read the book of Mormon. He believes that the book of Mormon really can give him a greater understanding about life and help him find answers to his questions. So yeah, #truth. He also read to us a poem he wrote about how he feels about his current state in life. It was AMAZING. He mentioned how science and religion are not at odds, but rather science is just too young. He is so right! We invited him to be baptized and he says "...I am so down for that!" We are too, Leighton. We are too.

The best thing happened this week. Well not the best, but I enjoyed it.
We were teaching two Muslim guys. They are very devout to their religion, but they are very open to learning more as well. Toward the end of our second visit, we committed them to read the book of Mormon. Then, one of them got up and left and came back 10 minutes later.... he bought my companion and I each our own copy of the Quran! How sweet and tender of him. We told him we couldn't read it while on our missions. But then I told him how the book of Mormon helps us get closer to God more than any other book. 

The book of Mormon is the word of God and we are so blessed to be living at a time when the restored truth is on the earth to never be taken away! Blessed be the name of the Most High God!

While contacting yesterday, we ran into a couple and we talked for a good half hour. They are related to some members back in London and they are seriously some pretty cool humans. Before we went our way, the man said" Why do angels have wings?........because they take themselves lightly!" Something I am learning to develop it the Christ-like attribute of patience. I am learning that, not only do I need to be more patient with others, but I need to be patient with myself! The Lord works on us a little bit at a time, we just need to let Him!

I love y'all! Have great week!